Support for distributed teams as a Plug-In service

The nightmare of executives and Scrum Masters has arrived. The teams no longer sit together in the Scrum office or designated project room. Instead, the teams have started working out from home office. Now the Scrum Masters and Product Owners stand there, with their heads filled with questions:

  • How can the Scrum Master continue to work effectively and support the remote teams in the best possible way?
  • How can a remote Scrum Master and Product Owner support every team member when everyone is working from home?
  • Are the agile teams now working at different locations?
  • What are the challenges for productivity in distributed work?

Our experienced Agile coaches and Scrum Masters can support you in this. Our motto is:

"Distributed" does not mean lost for us!

Agile teams are being reassembled right now, distributed in different locations and often working from home. Nevertheless, these teams leverage Agile principles, with Scrum, Kanban or SAFe, and have higher collaboration challenges than colocated teams working together in one place.

Forming these distributed teams into powerful agile teams requires an experienced Scrum Master who not only ensures that Agile principles and methods are adhered to. In the case of distributed teams, the Scrum Master must also ensure an appropriate technical and digital environment in which the team members can easily communicate with each other and jointly deliver results.

Our experienced Scrum Masters combine efficient Agile processes in distributed teams with effective technical support. This enables distributed teams to be successful together. Especially in the current situation, in which many Agile teams have had to work remotely from home for weeks, our experienced Scrum Masters can help. They not only take care of methodological and technical aspects, but also coach the team members in the implementation process and provide support in the uncertain times.

We empower the teams to solve the following tasks remotely

  • Design the new, virtual team room
  • Productive online meetings and the necessary moderation
  • Use existing communication channels sensibly or establish new ones
  • Remote working agreements
  • Agree on helpful working modes

Prepare and plan the Sprints together online

  • Working together to flesh out ideas
  • Perform refinement with story maps
  • Maintain Product Backlog successfully
  • Design methods and techniques for committed sprint planning

Successfully complete sprints

  • Define appropriate tools and techniques for interactive remote retrospectives
  • Create interactive product demonstrations
  • Integrate stakeholders into remote adjustments and voting
  • Establish feedback culture remotely and use it effectively

Remote Servant Leadership

  • Shifting from working groups to large distributed remote teams
  • Coaching implementation of sustainable values as a remote Scrum Master

We train you how to keep the Agile transformation on a course, supporting you in the design of the remote working models, and in the collaboration of the individual teams. It can be used for:

  • Product development team
  • Task Force
  • Daily Business at management level

We pay attention to the correct flow of information within the teams in order to continue to maintain the feeling of the common "project room". In order to make the current state of work transparent for everyone involved, we also ensure the appropriate artifacts and visualization options.

We support your current project as a remote Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner with your specific challenges. Here we use numerous experiences of 250+ people that have already been carried out. We also coach your Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners in facing the new situations and mastering them.

If you are interested in Plug-In services please contact us.