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Drilling for natural resources, such as oil and gas on off-shore exploration- and operations drilling-rigs is a real technological challenge.  Not many organizations are capable to overcome the obstacles on the way and to operate the required resources always properly. It is dangerous and the people on the installation, under the one supervising command of the COR (Captain of the Rig) – everyone knows this authority under his nick-name: Mr. Jimmy, are constantly under high pressure. A time horizon of 10 minutes guides the way. HSSE-Processes are in place and security standards are of the highest grade one can find on the planet.

However, mistakes can happen and reporting chains can break - and documententy is not always telling the observer the «One» turth.

Incidents can happen, as the huge oil-spill in the Macondo-Oil filed in the Golf of Mexico provides us the undeniable evidence. Once the immediate emergency ended and the situation has been brought under control the survivors and the management investigated on the root causes of the catastrophe.

During a period of “inspect & adapt” the organization evaluated and found its weaknesses and the inherent risks of the processes controlling each and every operation of the “exploration” and the “operation” – within their “up-stream operations”.

Crewcraft’s agile coaches joined the “Global Document Management Program” to guide and to facilitate the transition journey towards applied agility. Crewcraft drafted the agile structure trained the people on the agile roles’ and rolled the program out on dozens of high secure drilling rigs and installations. The LACE and the agile concepts of Scrum and SAFe became the new standard – even the off-shore installations with the highest security standards.