Banking: Agile Transformation

One story of success within the Germany’s core banking industry ....

If one crew has to design, to kick-off and to guide a major transformation program with the aim  to change a traditional corporate banking institute in Germany’s financial hotspot towards the implementation of an “Digital Technology Company” the transformation-crew and the management of the bank have to take a quite a lot into consideration. Overall not less than 27’000 employees, within the banks IT-department are directly affected – and the whole institute within its operations will be influenced, transformed and changed. All this within a given financial budget and a defined time frame.

The change of the organization towards implemented Agility is on track - and every single working day the bank is coming closer to their agile mastery.

Crewcraft’s contribution, with tree of our certified SAFe 5 SPCs was to define and to adjust the structure of the target organization by applying the SAFe framework and principals (such as the LACE, RTs, Sprint Structure, the tools and the agile culture). However, for a successful transition towards agile far more skills, experience, (mind) tools and required to make such a quantum leap within the organizations culture happen.

We from Crewcraft maintained 9 clusters (five of a various technology types and four core banking clusters) affecting in total 18’000 people in the bank’s delivery organization. We trained, in full-scale alignment with the SAFe and Scrum, Lean and Kanban principals all agile roles and assessed the individuals. We guided the program, managed the program and coached the affected people with an investment with over 6 person years. If you are interested in details of this “transition toward Agility – kindly reach out for us.