Agility Partners

Silver Partner of Scaled Agile Inc.

Crewcraft AG is the certified "Silver Partner" of Scaled Agile Inc., We become your partner not only for agile transformations, but also for training courses on the topics of Scaled Agile Framework SAFe. With our training center we offer onsite training as well as online remote training on well known platforms.

Check our calendar of SAFe trainings. We tailor our services and trainings according to your needs, your availability and your specific requests. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Customized workshops and courses

We support you in an identification mapping and lean portfolio management workshops in the definition of your value chains. Defined value streams support you in your implementation of SAFe.

Scrum - Framework

Scrum is an agile framework for both software development and project management designed by Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and Mike Beedle based on Lean Production.

Both methods, Lean Production and Scrum, focus on constant further development (employees, processes, resources, methods) with the aim of permanently improving production in order to achieve the highest quality with minimum effort. With Scrum, there is the fundamental hypothesis that production manufacturing and development processes are so extensive that the individual phases and work steps cannot be planned too far in advance. However, if a team organizes itself according to defined specifications, this leads to greater effectiveness. Scrum uses its own vocabulary for well-known standard terms. For this reason, the most important terms are briefly explained in Scrum documentation.