Agile Transformation in complex Project environment

The transformation of a company from a traditional to an Agile organization is an undertaking that should not be addressed lightly. It is a complex process that does not lead to precisely predictable results. It should not be neglected that, in addition to cultural and psychological factors, this also influences organizational or methodological changes.

It is easy and quickly to tap into different traps that prevent the transformation success. Within Agile transformations we very often find the following hurdles:

  • Insufficient or no support from the top management
  • Implementation of the Agile approach by pure push from above
  • Agility is only implemented in the area of IT or in the software development
  • No anchorage of values within the company that are compatible with Agile approach
  • The organization is technically unable to act Agile
  • There is not enough time for the Agile transformation

Supporting the companies in the overall Agile transformation, our team helps the issues to be eliminated at the very beginning. We leverage a 360 ° assessment of the enterprise with regard to the current state in relation to the compatibility of the implementation of the existing Agile values. After dozens of complex projects at international companies, we use the following process:

  • Introduction to Agile methods for management, development teams and the particular departments that are supposed to work with Agile teams
  • Tailor-made trainings for Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  • Individual coaching of management, Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  • Simulations for management and development teams, to visualize the added value of Agile processes

Our approaches and recommendations are designed for long-term success. We do not limit ourselves to pure coaching and single-off training. When Agile methodologies, such as Scrum , are implemented within the company, various symptoms as quality problems, lack of commitment or team performance may arise.

What does an Agile Transformation mean?

Agile Transformation starts with the Agile principles, ensuring early and regular deliveries as well as identifications and corrections. Pilots and experiments have been used. This implies the fact that the first steps may fail or only partially prove to be the right ones. The results need not to be considered as eternity and experiments needs to be implemented faster.

For organizations that have been using project-based delivery, the Agile Transformation means the path of individual teams and the entire organization to Agile working process. Even if individual teams in an organization already successfully work with Agile approaches such as Scrum, this often open the issue of how they can really be used across many projects and departments or for the large and complex projects.

Agile at Scale provides proven solutions at the higher level for the enterprise, as Scrum for the teams does at lower level.

SAFe and LeSS are two possible approaches:

Would you like to scale Scrum?

If you want to scale Scrum or Agile techniques, feel free to contact us. We have extensive experience in the different frameworks, providing joint gap analysis and designing the solution with you that fits your needs.