Agile Cloud Scrum Master Service (TM)

You have a supertide project budegt?! And, you intend to ignite your organizations transformation tworads agile as an agile "MVP" - not investing thousands of Euro?!

All what you need for starting your agile transformation journey will be instantly brought to you in an "remote” setting – out of our “Agile Cloud” directly delivered into your company’s current state and organization.

Crewcraft's Agile Cloud Scum Master Service™ represents a remote acting “Agile Coach” and a “Scrum Master” - as well as the required software products and licenses such as i.e. Jira , Confluence, Kendis, Miro, Teams and/or Zoom – and others more, such as ChangeGauge™ on your request. All Services and infrastrcutures are tailored to your specific requirements - and the rate is super-competitive. Cost Efficency: first.