ChangeGauge: Monitoring & Controlling agile transitions: Realtime.

Vedran Batos
  • ChangeGauge is the Change Management App developed by CrewCraft based on the experience of our agile organizational development projects and  the best software engineering practices.

  • ChangeGauge, a cloud native solution that runs in an Oracle cloud, leveraging AI/ML/DL, brings real-time analysis and direct feedback from the organization of a company in comparison with general information, goals and megatrends.

  • Implementing aspects and requirements of agile matrices such as an agile maturity level measurement in the real time analysis, the App is able to define and predict key processes of change within an established company, to track the change ratios and to give recommendations for successful change management.

  • The App consists of the integrated components in cloud, the frontend running in any standard browser (on any smart mobile or desktop device), the backend running in cloud and integrated Oracle cloud database.

  • It comprises modern cloud based structures and platforms 'as a service' (Iaas, PaaS, DaaS).

  • No needs for installation at any local infrastructure, no needs for complex systems engineering customizations.

  • CrewCraft is offering ChangeGauge App as chargeable application and as 'pay-as-you-go' service.